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Liebster Tag po raz kolejny.

Confessions of costumeholic nominated me for Liebster Tag award. I feel honored :) And also I'm sorry for not answering earlier but I found out that combinig my interniship with sewing and running my blog is much more demanding than I originally thought. But finally, here are my answers!

1- How did you get into costuming?
I was tasked with preparing a small presentation about fashion at the beginning of 20th century for my classes. My wonderful friend Patrycja persuaded me to try to actually sew a dress insead of just showing photos. I agreed. After one crazy weekend my very first dress was finished and I found a passion for next 7 years. After 2 years I started my blog.

2- What is your favourite type of costumes? (Historical, Sci Fi, cosplay, Movie Recreation, Original Concept, Ethnic, etc.) 
Historical and Movie Recreation.

3- Sewing machine or hand sewing?
Both, actually. Sometimes I feel like doing some hand sewing while I watch a good movie, and sometimes I prefer quick and easy machine sewing.

4- What is your preferred method of embellishment?
I actually don't have any preferred method.

5- Do you wear any sort of physical modifier to complete your look when you are in costume? (wigs, coloured contacts, prosthetics, allover make-up, etc.)
No, I don't. At least not now, but maybe in future I'll buy a wig for my 18th century outfits.

6-Which costume are you unsatisfied with and wish you could redo?
Well, that would apply to most of my early works :)I think that  could be my Young Victoria golden dress.

7- Is there something costume related that you compulsively buy / hoard? (Patterns, fabric, jewelry, trims, etc)

8- If you could bring back one fashion trend from any time in human history, what would it be?
Giant hats and gloves for ladies. I love them and they make me feel so feminine!

9- What skill would you like to learn/master next to improve your costuming?
I would love to learn more about corset making!
  10- Is there a costumer that you admire? Who are they?
A lot of them. Just look at my blogroll :)

11- Could you please share a funny costume related story?
Last night I wore my new 1880s ball gown to a ball. It has quite long train and I added some roses to the bodice. Because I didn't make any pocked I tucked my mobile between the corset and the bodice. During my first dance I realized that I need to hold my train in my right hand. After few steps, I lost all the flowers, a gentelman picked them up for me but I lost them after next few steps. I ended up dancing with my train in right hand and my left hand on my neckline protecting my mobile and roses :D It doesn't seem comical right now, but believe me It looked funny!

I know that my next step is to nominate other bloggers and then post a list of question for them. Can I do it a little bit later? I have so many posts to write and so little time today :)

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